Optical cable

Fiber optic cable is manufactured to meet optical, mechanical or environmental performance specifications. It is a communication cable assembly that utilizes one or more optical fibers placed in an enveloping jacket as the transmission medium and can be used individually or in groups. Fiber optic cable is mainly composed of optical fiber and plastic protective casing and plastic sheath to achieve a communication line of optical signal transmission.

The basic structure of fiber optic cable is generally composed of several parts such as cable core, reinforcing steel wire, filler and sheath, in addition to waterproof layer, buffer layer, insulated metal conductors and other components as needed.

Fiber optic cable is divided into indoor fiber optic cable and outdoor fiber optic cable, outdoor fiber optic cable is our most common and most widely used.

Outdoor fiber optic cable, simply put for outdoor fiber optic cable, belongs to a kind of fiber optic cable, because the most suitable for use in outdoor therefore called outdoor fiber optic cable, it is durable, can withstand the wind, sun and cold, thick outer packaging, with pressure, corrosion resistance, tensile and some other mechanical characteristics, environmental characteristics.

Features of outdoor fiber optic cable

  • Outdoor fiber optic cable has a higher tensile strength, a heavier protective layer, and is usually wrapped in a metal jacket. Outdoor fiber optic cable is mainly used for interconnection between buildings, and remote networks.
  • Outdoor fiber optic cable is only the filler, reinforcing members, sheathing, etc. choose a different material. Such as: outdoor with fiber optic cable buried directly, it is appropriate to use armored fiber optic cable. When overhead, you can choose with two or more reinforcement of the black plastic sheath fiber optic cable.
  • Outdoor fiber optic cable because of its use environment is in the outdoor, so it must have a waterproof function, the general use of the outer sheath is made of PE material, and then its internal structure is generally divided into a central tube structure and layer twisted structure.
  • From the naked eye, the indoor outer sheath is generally yellow or orange PVC material, outdoor is black PE material sheath, from the model number of the difference between outdoor generally have the word GY.

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