With the rapid development of computer technology, people's demand for fast communication and the increasing requirement for Ethernet broadband transmission high speed rate, the bandwidth of the integrated cabling system, which is the communication platform of the network, is also increasing. ANSI/TIA/EIA568-B copper twisted pair cat6 cable standard has been officially introduced.

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The transmission frequency of cat6 lan cable is 1MHz to 250MHz, and the integrated attenuation crosstalk ratio (PS-ACR) of the cat6 lan cabling system should have a larger margin at 200MHz, which provides 2 times the bandwidth of Cat5, 100M for C5, 155M for Super Cat5, and 200M for Cat6. Cat5, Super Cat5, and Cat6 can all reach 1Gbps in short-distance transmission, and the Cat6 cabling The transmission performance is higher than the Cat5 and Super Cat5 standards, and is most suitable for applications where the transmission rate is higher than 1Gbps.

Distinction of Cat6 Lan Cable

Category 6 refers to Category 6 unshielded twisted pair cable, nominal CAT6. There are unshielded category 6 cable (UTP), single shielded category 6 cable (FTP/STP) and double shielded category 6 cable (SFTP/SSTP).

Some of the same specifications, unshielded(utp cat6 cable) compared to shielded, unshielded effect is much better than those other types of shielded network cable, the efficiency will be more stable. In daily use, more will choose unshielded category 6 network cable.

Structure of Bulk Ethernet Cable Cat6

  • Conductor: high precision solid copper.
  • Core wire: 4 pairs of 8-core wire
  • Crossbones: made of special materials to effectively prevent crosstalk interference between pairs
  • Plastic sheath: waterproof black sheath, also known as Category 6 waterproof cable
  • Scope of application: routers, switches, personal computers, data centers, monitoring, integrated cabling, etc.

Cat6 Lan Cable Performance

Outdoor utp cat6 cable transmission speed and bandwidth: the quality of solid category 6 twisted pair cable is one of the key factors to determine the bandwidth of LAN, bulk cable cat6 transmission gigabit, bandwidth 250MHZ

Compatible with: Category 5 network cable, Category 3 network cable, Category 4 network cable

Product Advantages

  • Can be used for voice, Integrated Services Data Network (ISDN), ATM 155Mbps and 622Mbps, 100Mbps TPDDI, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet.
  • Longer transmission distance than Category 5 and Super Category 5, low transmission loss, strong abrasion and compression resistance.
  • The price of bulk category 6 cable is cheaper than super category 6 cable, category 7 cable and category 8 cable.

UTP Cat6 Cable Production Process:

Extrusion - twisted pair - pressing outer quilt - threading - pressing small diamond - forming - testing - packaging, each to the process from the factory production; each bulk cable cat6 are arranged 100% test

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