Category 5 LAN cable, or Cat5 for short, is a twisted-pair cable used in computer networks and is also a multimedia cable used for information and communication services such as data and voice, which is directly related to the transmission quality of information and communication. Cat5 cable was born with 100Mbps Fast Ethernet, but with the development of network technology, Cat5 twisted pair cable began to be widely used in network cabling. cat5 LAN cable achieves a smooth transition from 100Mbps to Gigabit while retaining the original cable.

The American Wire and Cable (AWG) standard defines Cat3, Cat4, Cat5 and Cat5e twisted pair cables as 4 pairs, and in Gigabit Ethernet requires all 4 pairs to be used for communication. Therefore, the standard cat5 LAN cable should have 4 pairs of wires.

Cat5 network cable can be further divided into cat5 shielded cable and unshielded cable. Currently, most LANs use unshielded twisted pair (UTP-Unshielded Twisted Pair) as the transmission medium for cabling to group networks, and the network cable consists of twisted pair with RJ45 headers at a certain distance.

Cat5 Shielded Cable

Shielded CAT5 twisted pair cable is wrapped with a metal film for shielding, which has better anti-interference performance.

Shielded twisted pair requires the whole system to be all shielded devices, including cables, sockets, crystal heads and patch panels, etc. At the same time the building needs to have a good grounding system. However, during actual construction, it is difficult to ground all of them, thus making the shield itself the largest source of interference, resulting in a performance far inferior even to that of unshielded twisted pair UTP. Therefore, unless there is a special need, only unshielded twisted pair is usually used in the integrated cabling system.

Cat5 LAN Cable Feature

CAT5 cable is also much cheaper than even the most common coaxial cable, and the cost can be greatly reduced by using outdoor cat5 cable.

Cat5 LAN Cable Application

Cat5 LAN transmission cables are generally used for internal wiring of computer networks, such as connecting computers to Ethernet, or computers to computers, or hubs to routers. In addition, it can also be used for voice communication, token ring, and asynchronous transmission mode transmission.

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