MPO/MTP® to LC Cassette Module

The Fiber Cassette is manufactured to fit the parameters of Primus Cable fiber optic wall mount enclosures and fiber optic patch panels, delivering an effective means of maintaining as well as organizing your network. The Fiber Cassettes are deigned to demonstrate versatility and durability when applied to field installations; in addition, Fiber Cassettes provided through CAMBO maintain peak performance standards that will further the ability of your fiber optic network.




MPO/MTP® to LC Cassette Module, Multimode OM4 50/125, Type A, 24 LC Ports

The 12 and 24 fiber MPO/MTP® to LC cassette is built specifically for high density fiber cable data solutions. This LGX style MPO/MTP® cassette will match the LGX universal footprint and fits most LGX style fiber patch panels.

The MPO/MTP® cassette comes pre-terminated with either 12 of 24 LC connections on the front panel and one 12 fiber MPO/MTP® connection or two 12 fiber MPO/MTP® connections in the back. Inside the MPO/MTP® cassette there is either one or two 12 fiber harnesses that breakout from the LC connector in the front to the MPO/MTP connector in the back, giving a quick and easy plug-and-play data solution.



  • Type A Polarity
  • MPO/MTP® to Duplex LC Connections
  • Multimode 10G OM4 50/125 Fiber Type
  • Available in 12 or 24 Fiber Counts
  • LGX Style Footprint
  • quick and easy plug-and-play data solution

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