Fiber Patch Panel

A fiber optic network is a complicated and systematic machine that requires a methodical approach in order to reserve functionality; the Fiber Patch Panel serves as a device employed to maintain a centralized means of organization, peak performance standards, while securing your network at the same time. In essence, the Fiber Patch Panel is a cable manager; through utilizing the panel, cables should retain the proper bend radius and be easily identifiable, which will facilitate use and simplify future maintenance procedures.




12 Port 1U Fiber Patch Panel Preloaded with Simplex Single Mode SC Connectors

This rack mount fiber patch panel is designed to fit on a standard 19" rack and provide optimal protection for your fiber optic applications. There are two cable entry points on the back of the fiber housing fitted with rubber grommets to protect the fiber optic cable from damage. Along with being loaded with 12 SC connections, each fiber enclosure includes one cable routing spool and one 12 fiber splice tray. Also included are zip ties, cable routing clamps, mounting screws, fiber splice sleeves and installation instructions.

To make this a complete unit ready for fusion splicing and patching out your existing or newly purchased fiber optic cable, don't forget to add 12 strand SC fiber pigtails to your order

Splice Trays: (1) 12 Fiber Splice Tray (Included)
Connections: 12 SC Simplex Connections


Physical Properties
Depth: 11"
Height: 1.75"
Width: 19"
Color: Black
Material: Steel
Tray Material: Aluminum


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