CAT5E Keystone Jack

Keystone Jacks are an essential networking component; it is a female connector typically embedded within a patch panel or wall plate, employed to expand and maintain data communications. They come in an array of designs that facilitate network connections. Recognizing the different types and forms will further enhance the application site.




Our CAT5E U-Style line is our economy line of data jacks. The U-Style CAT5E keystone jacks were designed with the user in mind complete with a T568 A/B wiring guide on each jack. To ensure durability they are made of phosphor bronze IDC contacts, gold plated prongs, and a fire-retardant plastic housing. The CAT5E U-Style line of keystone jacks were engineered to simplify the termination helping you save time and money with features like easy to read wiring labels and 90º 110-type IDC termination.


Because we take great pride in our quality control procedures and our commitment to quality our U-Style CAT5E Keystone Jack's line meets all requirements for EIA/TIA and also inspected and tested to comply with stringent transmissions and safety standards. Our U-Style Jacks are available in a variety of colors to help organize your installation.


To complete your CAT5E network we carry a full end to end solution including CAT5E bulk Ethernet cables, patch cords, RJ45 modular plugs, CAT5E keystone jacks & couplers, Blank Patch Panels, CAT5E Patch Panels, wall plates. We also have a large assortment of tools, testers and cable management accessories that will help make your installation fast, smooth and organized. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call.




  • CAT5E Performance Speeds of up to 350 MHz
  • 8 Pin x 8 Conductor for Streamlined Connection
  • Gold-Plated Nickel Contacts Provide Corrosion Resistance and Signal Conductivity
  • Easy to Read Wiring Label to Facilitate Installation
  • Meticulously Engineered to Deliver Exceptional Performance While Streamlining Installations
  • Phosphor Bronze IDC Contacts Ensure Excellent Conductivity, Durability, and Outstanding Resistance Against Wear or Corrosion
  • Fire Retardant Plastic Housing Provides Additional Protection Against the Elements
  • Nylon Termination Terminals
  • Meets and Exceeds EIA/TIA Standards
  • Available in a Wide Array of Colors 


Housing Materials

  • Housing-Flame Retardant (UL 94 V-0)
  • Termination Terminals-Nylon
  • PCB Board - Flame Retardant (UL 94 V-0)


Contact Materials

  • IDC 110 Contacts- Phosphorus Brass plated with Nickel
  • Nose Contacts - Brass plated with a minimum of 50 micro-inch Gold Plating
  • Wire cap included


Cat5e Bulk Ethernet Cable,Solid Copper UTP 24AWG 1000FT

This CAT5E Cable is the perfect fit for reliable installations where the cable will be used indoors. This cable's 8 conductors (4-Pairs) are solid bare copper with a high density polyethylene (HDPE) insulation and a PVC CM/CMR/CMP rated RoHS Compliant jacket. It's designed for indoor LAN applications, making it the ideal solution for indoor installation runs that require the cable to be installed in walls or any other non-plenum areas. This cable is also tested up to speeds of 350MHz.

Cat6 Bulk Ethernet Cable,Solid Copper UTP 23AWG 1000FT

Our CAT6 Bulk Ethernet Cable, Solid Copper UTP, 23 AWG 1000FT is an excellent choice. Supplied in a pull box, this 23 AWG cable is composed of four color striped twisted pairs (8 Conductors) made of solid copper. These conductors are surrounded by HD-PE insulation and Flame Retardant PVC/LSZH jacket that is RoHS Compliant, making it an ideal solution to installations in data room/ office/hotel, rated locations.

Cat6A Bulk Ethernet Cable,500Mhz ,Solid Copper UTP 23AWG 1000FT

CAT6A Bulk Ethernet Cable, Solid 23AWG 1000FT 10G 500Mhz This cable comes in 6 color variations, supplied on a wooden spool. In addition, this network cable is manufactured with a low smoke generating FR-PVC jacket to resist sweltering and the spreading of toxic fumes in the case of a fire. The 23 AWG solid copper conductors are arranged into four color striped pairs to facilitate installation.

RJ45 Connector - CAT5e

RJ45 Modular Plug Connectors are the standardized interface for CAT5E data networking. This 8P8C (8 position 8 contact) connector is the most common plug used for ethernet networking. The Shielded RJ45 Connector for CAT5E is a great pick for CAT5E applications; an RJ45 Modular Plug with a polycarbonate housing and a copper alloy shielded shell. This Plug is made to accommodate both solid and stranded CAT5E cable with four twisted pair conductors. This RJ45 connector fits 24 to 26 gauge wires, and has 50 microns of gold plating on the contacts to establish a seamless connection.

EZ RJ45 Connector - CAT5e End Pass Through

EZ RJ45 end pass throgh type easy to use,This RJ45 Plug saves time and money with it's simple easy to use design. Installers can simply slide all of the conductors through the jack at once making it clear to verify proper wire alignment before termination. These connectors place the twisted wire pairs straight inline to one another and prevent staggering. Connectivity is vital when installing a network so be sure to get these quality plugs on all your CAT5e Cables.

CAT5E Network 24-Port Patch Panel, 1U Rack Mount

Routine system maintenance can cause unexpected delays and network downtime. Managing network connections effectively has the potential to expedite the up-keeping process and reduce costs. Let us assist you with our selection of CAT5e Patch Panels that are made of quality materials, engineered to establish a secure and dependable connection.

UTP Cat5e Patch Cord Cable RJ45-RJ45,Stranded Copper Length Customize

High quality PC crystal head, excellent mechanical properties Gradient one-piece injection molding, firm and reliable 100% testing, quality assurance Uses environmentally friendly materials and meets REACH and RoHS requirements

Keystone Wall Plate W/ ID Window, Single-Gang, Flush Port - Up To 6-Ports

Wall plates come in many different types and sizes. CAMBO has many wall plates to accommodate all your installation needs. Our Double-Gang Keystone Wall Plates protect your network by keeping your connections safe from dust, physical damage, and foreign objects. CAMBO carry a variety of wall plates ranging from blank ports to twelve ports. These wall plates support CAT3, CAT5E, and CAT6(A) Keystone Wall Jacks, Fiber Keystone Jacks, and other standard inserts. Our Commercial Grade wall plates are ideal for business and residential high speed internet, cable, and satellite connections.


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