What Is a Radio Coaxial Cable?

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Today we use different cables for different applications. While most cables are based on the latest technology, some still use older technology and design. The coaxial cable makes the perfect example that has been there since the 20th century.

What is a radio coaxial cable?

It is a type of electrical cable used to transmit radio frequency signals. This cable has been there for a very long time, and in its early days, it was used to transmit satellite antenna signals across buildings. Today you can find this cable in varying sizes, their main difference being the diameter. Apart from that, the basic design has a core, and the shielding around it stays the same. Several systems still supporting this cable technology make it a good choice even decades after.

coaxial radio cable

How does it work?

Usually, wires come with different conductor cores. For instance, a cable may come with 2 or 4 cores, each of which will be insulated from one other. However, things are much different here. This cable starts with a copper core in the middle. This copper core has insulation around it. On top of this insulation is a copper mesh that not only carries signals but also adds structural strength to this cable. Finally, there is outer insulation. Thus, these cables have 4 layers in total with 2 conductive lines.

What are the uses of this cable?

Its design is effective because the layer of conductive material is enclosed within its outer mesh. Thus, these wires prevent any external electrical noise from entering and interfering with the signal. With such qualities, this cable makes a great choice for:

  • Cable TV
  • HDTV signals
  • Internet up to 10mbps
  • CCTV signals
  • Video transmitting

One primary requirement for all these uses is that there must be no disturbance with the signal and this cable efficiently meets that requirement.

Different types of this cable you must know

There will be numerous types of cables based on coaxial technology. Here are some common ones that you may easily find:

  • Hard-line consists of a copper core and a mesh made from a mixture of copper and material. These are usually used for connecting the antenna with a transmitter.
  • Triaxial cable: this cable comes with the same basics and an additional shielding layer. This layer is grounded to protect signals transmitted in these signals from any electrical interference.
  • Rigid line: it is made with 2 copper tubes working as unbendable popes. This cable is used for high-power radio transmitters indoors.

What are the benefits of using this cable?

With several types of cables and connectors, using this cable can be very beneficial. Here is a list of some of its best benefits.

  • Cheap
  • Durable
  • Easy installation
  • High-speed data transmission
  • Insulated against external interferences, etc

All these benefits still make this wire worthy for several applications today.

Find out the best coaxial cable for your use.

With this many uses and advantages, a coaxial cable still might be worthy of your requirements. So, check which type fits your requirements perfectly and use it without making any changes to the rest of the system.


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