What Is a Cat6 Lan Cable, and What Are Its Uses?

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While wireless connections are usually preferred by most people today, many still stick to wired connections due to high connection speeds and reliability. The cat6 Lan cable is one of the most used wired networking accessories that you may use for stable networking and connectivity.

What is a Cat6 Lan cable?

The Cat6 technology of Lan cables was introduced in 2002 as the 6th category in ethernet cables. It was introduced with high performance for networking. It is a twisted-pair cable with a twisted design aiming to reduce the electromagnetic interface for higher reliability and less interference and crosstalk within the signal.

These get better immunity against external interferences by using the spline that acts as a wire separator.

Technicalities of the Cat6 Lan wire.

Coming to the technical specifications, this Lan cable technology can provide a bandwidth of 550 MHz with 10GBits per second for 50 meters long or shorter cables. The speed reduces to 1GBits per second for dabbles between 100 and 50 meters.

This cable is made with 4 pairs of 8-core precision solid copper wires. There are crossbones and plastic sheath for waterproofing, interference prevention, and structural strength.

What are the different uses of this Lan cable?

This Lan cable may have several uses, but some of the most common uses include the following:

Basic usage

These wires are usually known for wired connections, but apart from the wired connections, these are also used for wireless connections, especially for range extension over large distances. These wires can connect routers so the signals can extend without causing a huge difference in the speed and performance of internet signals. It is ideal for small businesses and residential uses.

Power over Ethernet

Power over Ethernet is the simultaneous data transmission and power over the same cable. The Cat6 technology is equipped with this feature where the bare copper conductors in these wires can effortlessly transmit power and data to devices. Cat6 is highly beneficial for PoE applications for devices like:

  • IP security cameras
  • Smart TVs
  • Walk-through metal detectors, etc.

With the Cat6 cables used, the clutter of wires can be significantly reduced with only one wire and port utilized.

1000BASE-T Applications:

These applications define a data transfer speed of 1000MBits per second over 100 meters. It is a standardized network widely adopted across the globe with its applications in the following:

  • Schools
  • Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Offices
  • Business centers, etc.

Advantages of using this Lan cable

With these applications, the Cat6 cables bring lots of benefits, including the following:

  • Cat6 offers longer distance coverage, low transmission loss, stronger abrasion, and better compression resistance than the previous Cat5 and super Cat5 technology.
  • Cat6 cables are comparatively cheaper than other technologies.
  • These cables can be used for Integrated Services Data Network, voice transmission, ATM, 155 and 622 Mbps, and 100Mbps TPPDI.
  • Cat6 cable is compatible with Cat5, Cat4, and Cat3 technologies.

Cat6 provides an overall faster ethernet connection with Gigabit ethernet support.

Top-quality Cat6 Lan cables and accessories for you.

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