The Future of Copper Cabling

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Internet technology is evolving at a fast pace. The technology industry is also buzzing with 5G and wi-fi 6 technology. With the increase of fiber technology rollout, people are converting more to wireless technology. All these things have put a question mark on the future of copper cabling. More and more people are curious about what will happen to Copper Cable System.

So, here we will learn about the future of copper cabling and how telephone companies will deliver faster speeds.

So, here we go:

Evolution of network technology

Copper cabling is part of the telephone wiring in our homes through phone lines. DSL networks have been relying on copper cabling historically. The bulky copper wires create these networks that utilize electrons to transmit data.

Copper Cable Syste

Pairing copper cabling with fiber optics can help.

Even though fiber optics are being added to the current infrastructure, the fiber network’s accessibility varies dramatically, especially in the United States. According to a report by FCC, about 75% of consumers across the United States don’t have access to an internet service provider using fiber optics.

Therefore, service providers can consider pairing their new fiber infrastructure with the prior copper cable system.

  • This practice will help them reach more consumers and enhance customer loyalty to their business in the best possible way.
  • In addition, existing copper networks can help companies fill the gap in the areas where the feasibility, cost, and logistics of fiber optic system installation are prohibited.
  • Pairing copper cabling with the newer fiber optic systems is also suitable from an economic perspective. The fact is especially truer for the United States' rural areas with sparse high-speed internet speed.

Copper cabling networks are currently stretched to their limits, with the increasing need for greater capacity and bandwidth to handle customer demands and requirements. These demands include a variety of aspects, such as:

  • File sharing
  • Video streaming
  • Internet of things
  • Cloud storage
  • Online Gaming

What does the future hold for copper cabling?

It is when networking companies are putting copper cabling out of favor as these are becoming expensive to maintain for service providers. At the same time, it is also not feasible for the service providers to scrap all their copper networks to adopt fiber.

At the same time, consumers are also looking for the fastest internet connections, with fewer interruptions and the lowest price. Even though fiber is gaining popularity, copper cabling is still advantageous for fewer maintenance costs. In addition, updating fiber networks is the biggest investment which can, in turn, hike prices for customers. Therefore, the copper cable system is still widely deployed and holds an attractive opportunity for service providers.

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